Poetry Corner – Blackhole

A collection of short poems inspired by The Universe



Trapped inside a blackhole

All time has stopped

Yet somehow it keeps moving forward without me

Leaving only a memory

far in the past


I feel nothing

Only a void inside

Empty, vacuous space

My heart the dying remnants

of a once bright star


Time is measured by centuries

We only live a single second

Like the tick of a clock

A grain of sand

Falling through an hourglass

Poetry Corner – Starless Sky


Starless Sky 

a poem about Taipei

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

Up above the world so high

I can't see you, your guiding light

You never show up, day or night 

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

I look up and you always hide

You're full, but down here lose your power

Starlight wasted by the hour

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

I look up and I wonder why

You're bright, but light cannot shine true

Clouds like a membrane obscure view

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

I feel a void, a great divide

You're strong, but cannot break on through

Pollution thick; light sticks like glue 

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

Sometimes I look up and I cry

I miss you stars, why did you leave

Without your guidance eyes bereaved

Taipei, Taipei, starless sky

Even if you really try

You won't see them, they've gone away

For now it's starless, black and gray