Poetry Corner – Fall


Fall is here
Now taunting us
At first bringing hints of hope
Then encompassing us in its brutal embrace
Like icy cold fingers grasping and gripping
Exhilarating and depressing at once
Ominously reminding us winter
is just around the corner
Fall is gone

Poetry Corner – Hopelessness


I’m tired of feeling like this

Where I see worth, I feel worthless

Where I see opportunity, I feel stuck

Where I see work, I feel useless

Where I see hope, I feel despair

Where I see light, I feel darkness

Where I see inspiration, I feel doubtful

Where I see life, I feel death

Where I see wealth, I feel poor

Now on to antidepressants

Poetry Corner – A New Hope

A New Hope

A new feeling...

A feeling of contentedness...

Of wanting to leave what's familiar...

Of wanting to shed all things external, unimportant in the scheme of things, useless for


Of being open to learn again...

Of knowing that I don't know anything...

Of wanting to be close to the people I love...

And not pushing them away...

Of not wanting to live in solitude...

An evasive feeling...

A feeling of hopefulness...
Of wanting to finally LIVE

-Bali, Nov 1, 2016

Poetry Corner – I feel 

I feel
    I feel heavy.

A constant weighing down; I try to pick myself up, but it’s almost impossible. I try to inspire, to motivate my myself, but it’s like pushing against gravity; I don’t budge. I know I have potential, I know I do! But…it remains stagnant, unmoved by my intentions.

    I feel sad.

I can’t really figure out what’s wrong with me…am I depressed? And if so, am I depressed because of my circumstances or simply because I am depressed, like a never ending cycle, perpetual motion....

    I feel hope.

I have more opportunity than ever. But I’m so scared I won’t be able to follow through, the thought of starting anything frightens me. I don’t want to let down my partners, my friends, and perhaps overall, myself.

    I feel chaotic.

Like a constant battle going on, a magnet: positive and negative; drive and break; up and down; good and evil. How can I find a happy medium? Drugs, prescriptions, psychoanalysis, it’s all available. I’ve tried some in the past, I just wish I could do this on my own without anyone’s help….

    I feel foolish.

Immature, and selfish asking for others’ help, even though I know they would happily offer it. I want to do it on my own, but that may be impossible...I’m not sure where I’m heading…. I see the sunlight above the clouds, but it’s far in the distance………. Will I ever reach it?