CopyWrite© Crypto Coach

CopyWrite© Crypto Coach

by Cameron Brtnik

This biography was written for my good friend, the financially talented and prolific investor Michael Stevenson


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Michael Stevenson, CryptoCoach

    The proprietor of CryptoCoach Academy, Michael Stevenson, became interested in Bitcoin because of the evolution of cryptocurrency, what he believes to be the future of currency. As a youngster, Michael started investing in a stock called Puma Minerals. “It didn’t go anywhere,” but he says learned a valuable lesson: To always diversify your portfolio. “I believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the way of the future, so it’s important to be knowledgeable and to have a portion of your portfolio exposed to this growing industry.”


     Michael began his interest in investing while working as a professional bartender at the prestigious Fairmont Royal York, meeting customers from all walks of life and gaining valuable information. “I learned a lot about how to invest from some of my more successful customers who drink at my bar, especially after a few too many,” he laughs. “If there was a hot stock tip, or some new emerging industry, I made sure to follow up and research its potential value. Working as a bartender certainly complimented my day job as an investor!”


      Michael eventually transitioned into real estate and crypto investing. Michael got in at the beginning, and says he’s been through the highs and lows in the so-far volatile market. “By offering this class, I get to share the knowledge I’ve learned through trial and error, and spread the word about a subject I’m very passionate about (cryptocurrency).” And he has a message for beginners: “Don’t feel daunted. It only takes one class to understand what Bitcoin is, the value of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, and hopefully feel comfortable starting your own crypto portfolio.” Michael is currently booking classes now.

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Poetry Corner – Rich Dad, Poor Son

Rich Dad, Poor Son

I have no assets to call my own
No car, no kids, no wife, no home
I don’t even own any liabilities
It means I only have the things I really need

Even though I wish I were rich like my dad
I wouldn't be independent, still never had
An idea that will one day shake the earth
I know it’s time for a change: to evolve; rebirth

I’m ready, God I’m ready, just give me a chance
If you let me, with the stars I can dance
I know I’m smart enough, I’m up for the bet
I have nothing to lose: no assets, no debt