“Willpower Energy” – My Theory of Willpower



“Willpower Energy” – My Theory of Willpower

by Cameron Brtnik

        Everyday we wake up with a supply of “Willpower Energy.” You wake up every morning with a full supply of this energy, and every passing minute you lose these “energy balls” as if they float away. The earlier you wake up the more, and the more useful, the energy. If you wake up at 6am, you start with a full batch of this willpower energy. If you wake up at 12pm, your batch is already much lower. Waking up after noon, you’ve already lost most of your supply for the day.

What my theory states is if you want to get stuff done, wake up early and do it right away while your “Willpower Energy” meter is full and you can put it to good use. Create a daily routine, and imagine that each task you do is using up these “energy balls”, but that you have a huge stock of them as long as you wake up early. One does not need coffee – at least not right away – as long as you wake up bright and early (I’ve set my wakeup time for 7:30). The later you wake up, the more coffee one has to drink to “replenish” this Willpower Energy. Caffeine is not as potent as Willpower Energy, plus you get a “caffeine crash” which is like trying to inject too many “energy balls” into your system at once and your body rejecting them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my coffee! But it’s not essential to getting work done, especially early in the morning when your supply of Willpower Energy is full.

So if you want to be productive, wake up early, work on your projects, emails, exercise, or whatever it is you need to accomplish and you’ll put this natural Willpower Energy to good use! “The early bird gets the worm,” and the early man gets shit done, so get up early and watch your productivity take off.

Cameron is a freelance writer, blogger and amateur fill-osophizer