Poetry Corner – Hopelessness


I’m tired of feeling like this

Where I see worth, I feel worthless

Where I see opportunity, I feel stuck

Where I see work, I feel useless

Where I see hope, I feel despair

Where I see light, I feel darkness

Where I see inspiration, I feel doubtful

Where I see life, I feel death

Where I see wealth, I feel poor

Now on to antidepressants

BLOG-Bits: Depression



9.2.15 – Depression

I ate a whole box of O’s in bed last night and passed out. I effectively both avoided Skyping home, as was my plan (every time I want to Skype home I have guilty feelings of all the times I never Skyped home, and therefore avoid it again to rid myself of those negative feelings, therefore causing the cycle to continue) and all responsibility – I had planned to accomplish a few things before bed. WTF is wrong with me! I’m afraid I haven’t improved since I was a teenager, and I’m not sure if I ever will… I’m scared, and feeling more depressed than ever. I have a prescription for Ritalin, which helps me focus for long periods without getting tired or eating, and gives me feelings of inspiration, motivation and happiness… but those do not last. I feel worse the next day. It must be what a cocaine hangover feels like. I should probably change my prescription to antidepressants.