Poetry Corner – Not A Good Day For Pigs

Not A Good Day For Pigs
(or Tet Holiday)

a poem by Cameron Brtnik
Not A Good Day For Pigs

Today is not a good day for pigs
Cause heads'll be rolling and chopped off like wigs

They sit happily dirty in the mud as they grunt
Not knowing that farmers have begun the hunt

The pigs try to run while they twist up their tail
Then we catch'em and lock the pigs up in a jail

Why they've no idea that they're the next target
To slaughter and butcher and sell at the market

They squirm and they scream and they struggle and squeal
And are not aware that they'll be our next meal

Yes a pig is oblivious to how he'll meet his end
From the same people he trusted to be his friend

Not to worry, these pigs don't have names like Babe
Like David or Charlie or Peter or Gabe

But we don't give a thought when it's under the knife
That this pig had two sons, a daughter and wife

All's not lost; All parts of the piggy are taken
And used to make hot dogs and pork chops and bacon

Yes a pig is only as good as it tastes
And we eat it all; leave nothing to waste

And if you are left with a small hint of doubt
We'll eat the feet, belly, tail and snout

So get your knives ready 'cause tonight we dine
On pheasant and fish and veal and swine

This message is going out to all pigs:
Today's looking grave; the kind that you dig

The word that we celebrate Lunar New Year
Is sure put every piggy in fear

Yes today is the day that all pigs will die
"This ain't fair!" I swear could hear all the pigs cry

As their pleas fill the air, the streets are spilt red
Another pig sacrificed, in other words: dead

But hey pigs - If it's any consolidation
We all agree everything's better with bacon!

We eat pigs for breakfast, and I've got a hunch
You had pig for dinner, and bologna for lunch

There's nothing like pork, no it just can't be beat
Not beef, fish, nor chicken, yes pork's the best meat!

To the the pig that was murdered for our meal here's a toast:
Your sacrifice was rewarded - to us with this roast

No today's not a good day if you are a hog
Cause a pig is not quite "Man's Best Friend" like a dog

The world's appetite is voracious for pork
We'll kill every last pig by blade or by fork

As we slice and dice and pierce with a skewer
With each pig with eat there are actually fewer

I know that it's horrible, makes me angry and sad
Does this make us animals? I believe just a tad

Give up eating pork? "The day when pigs fly"
But to save just one pig I am willing to try

It's enough to make me give up meat and eat plants
To stick up for the pigs, fight and make a stance!

You see pigs are actually cute and they're smart
And switching to chicken is at least a start

"But what of poor chickens?" You ask in a shock
My reply: I just have no love for the cock


*I am still a meat eater but is considering switching to a vegetarian diet. But bacon.

Poetry Corner – Like a Rock

Like a Rock


Like a Rock

I want to be strong like a rock

My life has fallen accidentally into place
Like the rocks that make up this mountain
Satisfied with the cards they were dealt
Each working together to hold up an entire mountain
No one imposing on the others
Rather keeping each other in check

I want to be sturdy like a rock

Each completing the other; no grandstanding
Sturdy yet fallible
Ancient yet new each day
Always set with their faces toward the sun
Together balancing out the whole

I want to be intelligent like a rock

We can learn a lot from these rocks
We who compete for space
For a chance to leave our mark on this earth
To find meaning for ourselves
Rather than the whole

I want to be humble like a rock

We who step over each other to succeed
Rather than link together to form an alliance
Rocks do not feel jealousy, envy, or pain
They accept their place
And fend together, as one