Poetry Corner – Two Poems

Two Poems

written for my sister Meghan's Wedding

"What Is Love"

    What is love? Recently, I got to thinking… It’s not about how attracted you are to someone; How well your personalities mix; How much you adore, cherish, and desire to take care of that person; How many of their jokes make you laugh, or cringe; How you enjoy cooking for them or surprising them with breakfast once in a while; How you think it’s funny when she "loses her keys" even though you know they're in her purse; Or how you think it's strange how he chooses to dress at a fancy event; Love is a combination of all these things, the good and the bad, the big and the small, and being able to take a step back to realize that it's all those things that are meaningful to you - and that you would be truly happy to “deal with those things" as long as you dealt with them together. Meghan and JP, cheers to the both of you on your wedding day! (Cheers)

    Lianne Brtnik, mother of the bride, has recently had to deal with a common theme: reduction. The first one should be quite obvious (breast reduction). The second: reducing all of her lifelong and treasured possessions, physical things, in order to scale down. The third, her "most prized possession," her children: One son to a beautiful woman; One to a beautiful island. And then her only daughter who will not solely belong to her anymore, but also to a deserving man. But what we have learned from reduction is that it, ironically, produces amazing results. In the first case, an increase in health and wellness. In the second, gaining freedom and independence. And in the third... we couldn’t be happier that it’s JP who will help be scooping her away, to you a daughter, to us a sister, to the rest of us, family or friend: Meghan. So you see, it’s not really a "reduction" but rather an "addition." She will always be yours, mom, but with the "addition" of JP! Cheers to Meghan and JP, the new bride and groom! (Cheers)

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